9 August 1978

John Hays led a devotion on 1 Chron. 16:23–28. A time of prayer followed.

The audit report was approved.

The outreach committee suggested that the missionary conference be held on a three-day weekend, and it was approved.

Dave and Kathy Anderson were here for a Sunday this month.

It was reported that we are helping a family by giving two meals a week. We need to replenish the groceries for emergency home relief.

Missionary Sunday during the opening for Sunday School will be the last Sunday of every month.

Stewardship committee reported that we need to do something to keep the nursery cooler. Curtains were suggested.

One-fourth of the taxes on the parsonage will be due soon.

We’ll have an overhead projector as soon as payments are made.

The youth report that they are going on a retreat, September 8–10.

Connie Larson and Lois Friend were appointed to be in charge of setting up a potluck dinner on Wednesday night to share our experiences at Yearly Meeting.

Abridged from notes provided by Denise White, Recording Clerk