Eric Muhr (he/him), our interim executive director, first attended Hillsboro Friends with his family in the summer of 1976 and later became a member in 1990. Since then, he has served in released pastoral ministry at North Valley, Meridian, Newberg, and Silverton Friends churches. Eric cooks one Sunday meal each month. He also preaches once a month at Silverton Friends and is the publisher at Barclay Press. He lives with his partner in Portland’s Wilkes East neighborhood.

Imani (they/them) grew up in Boston, Massachusetts. Over the past fifteen years, Imani has been involved in both community work and activism work regarding the LGBTQ community. Outside of that, Imani loves biking, dancing, and performing standup comedy. Although Imani is new to Quaker spirituality, Imani is interested in learning more about Quaker community in Portland.