We desire to live out our Quaker heritage with love for Jesus and affirmation for all our fellow human beings.

Meeting for Worship*

A meeting for worship usually lasts for an hour. In Quaker worship, there are no ministers or creeds. We first gather together in silence to quiet our minds – we don’t have set hymns, prayers, or sermons. In the stillness, we open our hearts and lives to new insights and guidance. Sometimes we are moved to share what we discover with those present. We call this “ministry.” We listen to what everyone has to say to find its meaning for us. Anyone can give ministry, including visitors.

In the quiet, we look for a sense of connection. This might be a connection with those around us, with our deepest selves, with God, or with Christ, our present teacher. As we feel this sense of encounter grow stronger, we may begin to see the world and our relationships in a new way. Our worship may take us beyond our own thoughts and ideas to help us respond more creatively to the world around us.

*We gather upstairs in the meeting hall. Join us on Wednesdays at 6pm.