14 June 1978

John Hays asked Milt Asher to lead the congregation in “Give of Your Best to the Master.” John led a devotional about responsibilities: to self (materially, physically, socially, spiritually), to family, to church family, to peers, to church, and to God. He reminded everyone that they need to live up to each of their own personal responsibilities.

A prayer time followed.

The budget for 1978–9 was presented and approved.

The Treasurer’s Report for May 1978 was approved.

The Great Commission Budget is behind in payments by $900 for the June payment since some payments have not been made and some low payments were made. The meeting referred the question to the Stewardship Committee to solve for 1978–9. The committee is to decide if the Faith Promise is part of the Great Commission Budget. (Are we behind in our payments, or have the Faith Promise payments taken care of the deficit?) It was recommended that an emphasis should be made to collect the deficit in June.

Spiritual Life Committee recommended that the first Sunday of each month Sunday School offering be given to the Beebes for transportation expenses to pick up children for Sunday School and Vacation Bible School. Approval was given by the Education Committee. The Beebes are to turn in mileage reports to the Education Committee who will approve payments.

John Hays closed with prayer.

Abridged from notes provided by Nadine Asher, Recording Clerk