10 May 1978

Lois Perisho led the congregation in “We’ve a story to tell to the nations.” John Hays led a devotional based on Luke 12:11–12 and Matthew 10:19–20. He explained that when we have trials in our lives, they are trials of the Lord and not trials of us. It is our responsibility to witness as the Lord leads in love, and if he doesn’t lead us to say something, it is better to be quiet. Actions and expressions can be used of the Lord. Prayer followed.

Earl Perisho gave a pastor’s report. It was approved.

John Hays read a portion of a letter that Sheryl Mannon had written to Janice Perisho, telling that she has been accepted as a missionary to indigenous people in British Columbia during the summer. She requested our prayer and financial support. It was suggested that an offering plate be placed at the door at the close of a Sunday service and an announcement be made in the bulletin for those who would like to support her.

John Hays read a letter from Ken Smitherman, principal of Greenleaf Academy, telling of the financial need and asking for members of the “250 Club.” The letter will be posted, and those interested are encouraged to participate.

A letter from Rosemere Friends Church mentioned that at the Pastors Conference and the Men’s Retreat, the emphasis was on renewal, revival, and a refreshing touch from the Holy Spirit. They encourage each meeting to continue prayer for this and especially prayer for our prayer partner church.

Vern Weedman requested that overdue library books be returned to the library.

Roy Curts reported that fire extinguishers have been placed in the church as required. The fire chief inspected and passed the church on May 3. As of April 30, we are $500 behind on the Great Commission budget. T.O.P.S. has been granted the use of the chapel room Monday evenings during June, July, and August at a fee of $10 per month.

Ernest Pearson presented the treasurer’s report. It was approved.

Linda Keener has been contacting helpers for Vacation Bible School. It will be held Monday through Thursday the last two weeks of June.

Steve Perisho reported that the youth group will now meet in the chapel for devotional times and downstairs for recreation. They have earned $50 from newspaper collections.

Dennis Beebe announced that there is free firewood for the church at the golf course where he works, available for the church if someone could go out and cut it.

Martha Epperson dismissed in prayer.

Abridged from notes provided by Ruth Epperson, Recording Clerk pro tem