14 December 1977

Stan Muhr led the congregation in “What a Friend” with Connie Larson accompanying. John Hays led a devotional on stewardship. Prayer followed.

Lois Friend, assistant treasurer, presented the treasurer’s report. Approved. Earl Perisho gave the pastor’s report for October and November. Approved with thanks.

Roy Curts gave the Stewardship Committee report. He said that tile for draining won’t be necessary in the drive. The committee has reviewed the budget and expenditures. They found everything in order. They would like ideas on how to cut down on expenses. The pastor’s pulpit chair has had an addition for $40 labor charges. Faith Promise pledges were $4,096, and we have received $4,141.04 by November 30 plus $74 to this date in December!

Earl Perisho gave the Outreach Committee report. The committee has been working on the missionary conference. The meeting gave approval if the committee decides to collect for a Christmas basket.

Spiritual Life recommended that we have a prayer clock every Saturday with hours that best accommodate the group. It was approved that the committee organize this for our church or with another church. The committee recommended that the youth plan a watch night service for New Year’s Eve (approved), that a vesper service of candle lighting be held early New Year’s Day instead of the regular Sunday evening service (approved), and that morning service and Sunday School be dismissed (not approved) for New Year’s Day. Thus, there will be a morning service and Sunday School with an early evening or afternoon vesper service on New Year’s Day.

Roy Curts asked for permission for the treasurer to borrow from the building fund to meet current expenses. Approved.

The Spiritual Life Committee recommends we go ahead with the Focus program and start as soon as possible. This would be a commitment for two years. Earl Perisho explained what the Focus program would entail. A task force of five people or five couples would study ahead and be involved in meetings every other week for the length of the Focus program. The meeting approved. The task force will be appointed by the pastor and the Spiritual Life Committee.

Greenleaf Friends Academy has asked us to sponsor a page or a part of a page in their annual. It was approved to spend $12.50.

Vernon Weedman reported that the Missionary Conference will be held on January 15, 22, and 29.

Steve Perisho said the church band played in downtown Hillsboro as part of the Christmas music program. They played just before the business meeting began and will play again next week. They also had refreshments at Waughs’ home.

Earl Perisho brought a concern for prayer as Logi Mills makes decisions concerning her future in her studies for Christian service and for her son. She is applying for some financial help at the college. It was suggested that a Christmas basket be given to her.

Frances Carr dismissed with prayer.

Abridged from notes provided by Nadine Asher, Recording Clerk