8 June 1977

Milt Asher led a congregational hymn, “Sweet Hour of Prayer.” Lois Perisho read Psalm 105:1–4. John Hays stressed the outreach part of the Scripture passage to remind us about our Focus this past year. He reminded us to look forward, not be discouraged, but to work as individuals as well as a group.

A letter from John and Donna Coleman was read. It asked that their membership be removed from Hillsboro Friends Church since they have become members of the Lawrence, Kansas, Free Methodist Church. This was approved.

The treasurer’s report was given by Ernest Pearson.

Earl Perisho gave a report.

The Education Committee report was given by Dorothy Neidigh. She knew of no one going to George Fox College, so no monies were designated for their matching funds scholarship. The committee made the following recommendations: Sunday School Superintendents, Milt and Nadine Asher; Children’s Church, Jeanne Epperson; Camp Coordinator, Stan Muhr; Librarian, Vernon Weedman; Assistant Librarian, Lois Friend.

John Hays reported that Dennis Beebe was here, has tentatively rented Walt King’s home, and has good prospects of a job.

The Nominating Committee Report is as follows: Presiding Clerk John Hays; Recording Clerk Nadine Asher; Treasurer Ernest Pearson; Assistant Treasurer Lois Friend; Statistician Lois Friend; News Reporter, Lois Perisho and Almeda Hays; Sunday School Superintendents, Milton and Nadine Asher.

Spiritual Life Committee: Martha Epperson, chair, 3 years; Gertrude Curts, 2 years; Stan Muhr, 3 years; Pearl Pearson, 1 year; Harold Larson, 1 year.

Education Committee: Dorothy Neidigh, chair, 3 years; Connie Larson, 1 year; Nadine Asher, 1 year; Jeanne Epperson, 2 years; LaVern Muhr, 3 years. As Sunday School Superintendent, Milt Asher would also be meeting as part of the Education Committee.

Outreach Committee: Vernon Weedman, chair, 2 years; Leona Lamm, 2 years; Bob Pursley, 1 year; Keith Snow, 3 years; Steve Perisho, 1 year.

Stewardship Committee: Roy Curts, chair, 1 year; Clarence Combes, 2 years; Allan Lawrence, 2 years; Almeda Hays, trustee, 1 year; Ernest Pearson, trustee, 3 years; Lois Friend, 3 years.

Roy Curts brought the Stewardship Committee report. The meeting approved the budget and decided to clarify the funds for pulpit supply. The payment for one service would be $20. The payment for both Sunday services (morning and evening) would be $35.

Representatives to Yearly Meeting were appointed: Connie Larson and Roy Curts.

John Hays said he was not going to be here for the next monthly meeting. Milt Asher would be asked if he would substitute as presiding clerk.

Pearl Pearson closed with prayer.

Abridged from notes provided by Nadine Asher, Recording Clerk