13 March 1977

John Hays opened the meeting by reading Psalm 67 and stressed verse 2. He talked about our church focus and about reaching out to our neighbors as well as around the world.

Correspondence included information on the Friends World Committee for Consultation and the Wichita conference. Grenada Heights Friends Church sent a letter to transfer the membership of Earl and Janice Perisho. Earl is accepted as a recorded minister. The children’s membership wasn’t mentioned in the letter and needs to be checked into.

Earl Perisho submitted a pastor’s report.

Ernest Pearson submitted the treasurer’s report.

The Stewardship chair recommended adding $500 to the budget to pay for secretarial work for the balance of the fiscal year, ending June 30, 1977. Some secretarial work has already been done by Janice Perisho.

The Stewardship Committee also asked that the meeting approve a minimum of $150 to be sent to Ron Allen for his services during our “Focus for Hillsboro Friends Church” workshop. A love offering will be taken April 24, 1977.

The meeting approved that $250 be paid to Earl Perisho to cover expenses for his trip to see Lois Friend’s father. It was also suggested that the Stewardship Committee be directed to discuss a raise in our pastor’s salary for the coming budget year.

The meeting named the Nominating Committee and asked them to begin work selecting next year’s officers and committees. They were instructed to name the chairs of the four main committees. The new Nominating Committee members are as follows: Gertrude Curts, chair (1 year); Lois Friend, (1 year); Jeanne Epperson, (1 year); Pearl Pearson, (2 years); Stan Muhr, (2 years); Vern Weedman, (2 years).

The Spiritual Life Committee recommended that the church ask Earl and Janice Perisho to continue as pastors for the coming year of July 1, 1977, through June 30, 1978. Discussion was made concerning the fact that the Spiritual Life Committee had earlier recommended a three-year call but that Earl Perisho had asked that the call be reviewed every year. The meeting changed the call to three years by unanimous agreement. Charles Lamm will ask Earl Perisho to write a statement about the Focus to be included in these minutes. The clerk of the meeting and Spiritual Life chair were asked to tell the pastors of their call for the next three years.

Almeda Hays closed with prayer.

Abridged from notes provided by Nadine Asher, Recording Clerk