8 December 1976

Clerk John Hays asked Steve Perisho to lead the hymn “All the Way My Savior Leads Me.” Lois Perisho read 1 John 5:1-4. John Hays talked about the upcoming meetings for the weekend of December 10. He suggested that individuals need to know what God wants each of them to do and what God wants our church to do.

John Hays told about written communications. Friends World Committee for Consultation and the Conference of Friends in the Americas asked for funds. None were allocated. David LeShana sent a letter about George Fox College, asking for funds. The meeting decided to send $50 as a Thanksgiving offering. David Baker’s letter requested the transfer of his family’s church membership to West Chehalem Friends Church. Gloria Pursley requested that her membership be transferred to Evergreen Christian Center. The meeting approved these transfers. A letter from Dick, Linda, and Shawn Martin was read, thanking our church for their love offering.

Stewardship Chair Roy Curts asked for ideas regarding the west outside wall of the church.

Education Committee Chair Dorothy Neidigh presented her report. She asked what was wanted for the arrangement of benches at the Christmas program. Pledges can be made to give designated gifts to scholarships for Milt Asher.

Vernon Weedman, Outreach Chair, reported that his committee suggests that the funds collected from the missionary conference be allocated at the rate of 90 percent to the outreach of Northwest Yearly Meeting and 10 percent to support Ruth Epperson. The meeting decided to give Ruth Epperson 10 percent up to $300 and the balance to go to outreach of Northwest Yearly Meeting for the pledge year of January 1, 1977, to January 1, 1978. Brochures will be distributed December 9, 1976, at 5:30 p.m. around the church neighborhood to remind people of our missionary conference. It was approved to take a love offering for the Knight family. The meeting decided to give Greenleaf Quartet $200 or what comes in the Sunday evening offering, whichever is greater. Vernon also said the Thanksgiving offering for the food basket cash funds was $30, which he used to get three $10 gift certificates at Safeway for our church’s Vietnamese family.

Charles Lamm, Spiritual Life Committee Chair, reported there is a good spirit of unity. He also expressed a concern for a let-down after the conference. He suggested that Earl Perisho feel free to ask us to call on others to help keep the conference spirit and enthusiasm alive.

Vernon Weedman was asked to check into the Christmas basket at the Washington County Clearing Board. Food is also needed for the emergency cupboard the pastor uses for needy families.

Abridged from notes provided by Nadine Asher, Recording Clerk