11 August 1976

Martha Epperson presented a devotional time based on the book, Triumphant Missionary Ministry in the Local Church. She shared several scriptures from the book.

The interim pastor’s report was giving by John Carr. John reported that we had a successful Vacation Bible School with 24 to 34 present. John sent follow-up letters to each family represented, and teachers were doing further follow-up work. There are two new Sunday School classes: a class for young people of college age and above to be taught by John Hays, and a high school class to be led by Stanley Muhr. The Muhrs have also consented to be youth counselors.

Roy Curts reported that the committee appointed to go to see Mr. and Mrs. Woods did not find them at home, so a certified letter was sent to them advising them that they had until September 1 to clear up all back payments and interest. They received a reply on July 27. No payments have been made since July 8. Interest has taken all of the payments made so that they are in areers since October. Taxes also were not paid. The amount owed is $1,050. The federal government also has a lien on the property to the extent of their equity.

Roy Curts also reported that anyone needing help on how to do the voluntary cleaning at the church should contact him. He noted that the bag on the vacuum cleaner must be emptied now and then and also that we are responsible for getting the dirty dust mops to the City Laundry and picking up new ones.

The spiritual life committee reported that the contract with Earl Perisho was formalized August 5. The committee heads, the clerk, and John Carr met with Earl and Janice Perisho.

Clerk John Hays announced that the pastor had purchased a house. Members were asked to help in any way they could with furnishings. There is to be some remodeling done. Walt King has offered to provide bedroom furniture, mattresses, and new mattress covers.

It was announced that California Yearly Meeting had paid the Perishos only plane fares and $150 moving expense. The total moving expense was $541.95, plus the parcel post rate on about fifty books. This brought the expense up to about $600 or $650. It was agreed that the meeting should pay what was not covered by California Yearly Meeting.

The treasurer’s report was given by Lois Friend and was approved.

Roy Curts and Connie Larson, who served for the 1976 Oregon Yearly Meeting sessions are to continue for the rest of the year.

Abridged from notes provided by Connie Larson, Recording Clerk Pro Tem