9 June 1976

John Hays was selected to act as Presiding Clerk in place of Brian Beals, who was on vacation.

Nadine Asher reported that the Scripture Memorization Contest was very successful this year as 12 people learned a total of 354 verses to recite and earned 74-1/3 stamps for camp, with 1 person earning 34 of the awarded amount.

John and Frances Carr have agreed to be responsible for Sunday services from July 1–September 1. Lois Lund will have June 20 and Charles Beals June 27. Earl Perisho is starting from Alaska today.

Pastor Jim reported that Trang feels badly about the support we are giving them and feels the church membership is too small to continue support at the present rate. The Outreach Board, Pastor Jim, and Bob Pursley will investigate alternatives with Trang, FAB, and NYM to come up with a satisfactory solution.

Connie Larson and Roy Curts were appointed as Northwest Yearly Meeting representatives. Daphne Lawrence will be asked to alternate if Connie and Roy are unable to attend after all, with Martha Epperson to be second alternate.

Lois Friend was named Assistant Treasurer. Trustees on the Stewardship Board were retained as at present: Almeda Hays, Roy Curts, and Ernest Pearson. The open position of Presiding Clerk will be filled by John Hays, and Clarence Combes will take his place on the Spiritual Life Board. Vicky Orwiler will fill the position of Recording Clerk until forced to resign because of an expected move to Newberg. Camp Coordinator will be taken by Connie Larson.

Almeda asked the business meeting to note that the pastor’s salary listed on the sheet was for 10 months rather than 12. Secretarial and janitorial responsibilities will be done by volunteers. Nadine Asher was asked to contact Friends Youth President Chris Case to find out about the Friends Youth account and possibly gain more understanding about what is happening with their funds as related to the church in general. The budget was approved as presented.

Bob Pursley gave his report on changes in our area as he has noted them from his position on the Area Nominating Committee.

Charles Lamm was asked about the proposed pastor’s contract and responded that plans are to work it out with Earl Perisho when he arrives at the end of the month.

Abridged from notes provided by Vicky Orwiler, Recording Clerk