11 February 1976

Clerk Brian Beals read from Numbers 13.

It was reported a letter had been sent to Walt and Myrt King.

Frances Carr said the Outreach Committee had decided to give up the “drop-in” center. John Ogilvie stated the parsonage had been rented to David and Ann Potticary for $145 a month.

Nadine Asher reported $330 had been sent for matching funds to George Fox College as scholarships. Churck Orwiler received $230 for matching and Jim Hays $100 for the 1976-77 school season.

John Ogilvie said nothing more had been done about the marking of the Bibles given in George Newell’s memory.

John Hays reported $103 in the table and chair fund.

Ernie Pearson reported that $1,300 had to be borrowed from the building fund to pay our bills. John Ogilvie said the buyer of the North Plains house is still behind in his payments, though he did pay $100 and promised to catch up soon.

It was recommended we use our “quick claims” contract on that property to liquidate our debt there. The meeting gave the Trustees authority to take whatever legal steps are necessary concerning the North Plains property.

Pastor Jim reports we are still having a bad time, low in finances, low in attendance.

Christian Education Committee Chair Nadine Asher sent us the report that the Fun Nights at the school gym have been dropped because of lack of attendance. We are planning a hike up Eagle Creek Trail on March 6.

Stewardship Committee Chair John Ogilvie said he wanted everyone to study the Treasurer’s report and consider where there can be cuts made in our budget.

Outreach Committee Chair Frances Carr felt the meeting needs to review our Vietnamese sponsorship and clarify it. The situation of the student in George Fox College with a $135 deficit, and are we responsible for it? Did they come to us through the yearly meeting or World Relief? We originally took responsibility for five years, but what are their plans for the future? We are now giving them $200 each month, but only Trang and Van are under our supervision now. Su and Le are living together with someone else. Ngoc is getting other help in attending George Fox, but we are still responsible for him. Harold Larson said several Vietnamese sponsored by other Friends churches have gotten jobs and are on their own, so maybe some of those churches would be able to help us. It was stated Norval Hadley had expressed the opinion that other churches in the yearly meeting would be glad to help us. Designated pledges for the family are still being paid.

Spiritual Life Committee Chair Charles Lamm states that Jerry Dillon and Norval Hadley think our church is not too bad off, and he wants us to cooperate with Pastor Jim when he asks our help and advice. We have lost fifty people from our church since July, and there are more than fifty people who need our church.

Janet Gathright had asked for her membership to be transferred to another church long ago but had not received it. A letter of apology and inquiry as to her present wishes is to be sent to her.

Brian read a letter from the Alleys requesting the membership of Rick, Alvera, and Angela be withdrawn from our roll. The request was granted with reluctance and regret. A letter of appreciation to them for their work among us is to be written.

Abridged from notes provided by Grace Yates, Recording Clerk