7 January 1976

Brian Beals read 1 Timothy 6:6-11. We sang the chorus of “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” and had prayer.

Chuck Orwiler’s resignation as recording clerk was accepted.

The Nominating Committee recommended Grace Yates to finish Chuck’s term and was approved.

John Hays said not enough funds had come in for the tables and chairs.

Glenda Newell has consented for the Bibles given in memory of George to have an appropriate statement put in them, and the Trustees are working on it.

Lois Friend stated she was looking for a Memorial Book for recording church memorials but had not found anything suitable yet.

Milt Asher reported the attendance of Fun Nights is shrinking to the point of being terminated according to the rules for using the gym and urges even spectator attendance. The minimum attendance required is 15.

Ernie Pearson gave the treasurer’s report, and we had to borrow from our Building Fund to pay the bills. He pointed out that the property tax and scholarships caused larger payments than usual. Mr. Wood, in the North Plains house, is behind in his payments, and we are not getting any rent from the parsonage.

Pastor Jim reported December was one of our hardest months, but the church showed its spiritual strength.

The Education Committee asked if the church wanted a scholarship program. Ernie said several people give money designated for scholarships, but it is felt that because of our financial condition at present, scholarship money needs to be above our regular giving. Those who wish to may make their donations and pledges known to Nadine as Education Committee Chair, and we can have a called Business Meeting to OK the scholarships before the deadline date of February 1.

Nominating Committee Chair Milt Asher gave the following recommendations: Librarian Frances Carr to finish out Karen McConaughey’s term. Sunday School Superintendent Milt Asher to finish Ray Warner’s term. He is also to be on the Education Committee as Ray was. The committee recommended the places vacated by John and Donna Coleman on the Education Committee and Stewardship Committee respectively, and Myrt King on the Spiritual Life Committee be left empty for the remainder of the year. Frances Carr to be chair of the Outreach Committee in Walt King’s place and Gloria Pursley be added to that committee. Approved.

Jeanne Epperson was nominated and approved to fill Walt King’s place on the Nominating Committee for the rest of this year.

The Pastor’s Conference in Dallas, Texas, will cost $300 registration and travel money, and because of our financial condition, the meeting decided that money would have to be raised outside the regular collections if Pastor Jim is to attend.

John Hays suggested the Trustees be liberated to do necessary repair jobs between monthly meetings as they used to be.

The Spiritual Life Committee recommended we pay the $100 tuition for Pastor Jim’s taking a class at Western Evangelical Seminary where he will also have Gerald Dillon as “Senior Pastor.” Approved.

There was more discussion about the “drop-in” center, and it was decided the Outreach Committee should have two weeks to make a final decision about it, then let John Ogilvie know their decision so the Trustees can get the house ready for renting.

Milt Asher suggested we should write a note of gratitude to Walt and Myrt King for their services to us. Approved.

Lois Friend read an announcement from Don and Marilyn of their baby girl, Laura Marie, born January 2.

Abridged from notes provided by Grace Yates, Recording Clerk