8 October 1975

Brian Beals opened the meeting by having individuals read various Scripture. This was followed by prayer.

Brian asked if anyone knew of progress on the purchase of more tables and chairs. No one knew of the progress, if any, that had been made.

Harold Larson reported that John Wimber was contacted by phone, and he said that he had lost our letter to him, but he will send us a letter outlining the thrust of his program and the requirments of our church in his seminar. He has certain basic requirements such as at least one hundred people in attendance for a weekend session at a cost of $7-10 per person. Grace Yates asked who John Wimber is. John Wimber is a man from Yorba Linda Friends Church who is concerned with a revitalization of the church community, and Charlie Lamm and the Spiritual Life Board recommended him for help in our outreach efforts. Doubts were expressed over the value of what this man can offer. It was pointed out that he has been successful in several Oregon Friends churches.

Pearl Pearson has been trying to contact Glenda Newell about marking the Bibles in memorial to George Newell; however, she has not been able to contact her. It was approved that the Trustees be responsible for memorializing the Bibles if it is Glenda’s desire. Grace Yates recommends that we have a book to record the memorials in the church. It was approved that the statistician be responsible for recording of these memorials and researching what memorials are included in our church history.

Jim Leonard presented his pastor’s report. He has seen spiritual growth in many members of the church. He feels that there is a good spiritual foundation upon which to work.

Milt reported that he is interested in continuing Fun Night although he is seeking the approval of the Business Meeting in the program. He is concerned in that last year’s attendance was generally poor. It was approved that the Education Board be in charge of Fun Night.

Milt Asher reported for the Nominating Committee. The committee recommends replacements for the following positions:

Myrtle King to replace Roy McConaughey on the Spiritual Life Board, 3 years

Keith Snow to replace Milo Meeker on Outreach Board, 2 years

The position vacated by Dorothy Meeker on Spiritual Life Board to be unfilled.

Milt reports that the committee is still considering a replacement for the librarian position.

Brian presented a letter from Clackamas Park Friends Church announcing a roller skating party at Oaks Park on November 3. It was approved that we respond to the invitation that we would like to participate.

Martha Epperson asked about the progress on converting the parsonage into the drop-in center. Nina Mannen reported that some of the youth had a clean-up day, and Jim Lingenfelter reported that the youth had a meeting with the Outreach Board, and he didn’t know the results.

Roy Curts expressed concern for cooperation in his ushering chores. He said we need to show visitors more of a welcome. He also needs help in the ushering, and he prefers high school students, and he would appreciate more volunteers.

Abridged from notes provided by Chuck Orwiler, Recording Clerk